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Stuffy Nose? No Wonder You Snore

Do you have a problem with a stuffy nose? You would probably be surprised with the number of people that do. The next time you think about it, try listening to how many people go around all day sniffing their nose because it is stuffed up. Although there are a lot of reasons why this occurs, it tends to do one thing to us that none of us really enjoy. Having a stuffed up nose whenever we are sleeping is going to cause us to breathe through our mouth naturally which will make any snoring that we do much worse. Not only that, it may cause another problem which is much more harmful, sleep apnea. In order to overcome these problems, you might want to look into why you are having a problem with a stuffy nose in the first place.

The most obvious problem, outside of having a cold, is having a difficult time with allergies. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live or what time of year it is, there is always going to be pollen or allergens in the atmosphere that make it difficult for us to get by. Snoring is simply a side effect of having these allergies because it makes it difficult for us to breathe. Although it is impossible for you to avoid these allergens altogether, you should make sure that your bedroom is as free of them as possible. The reason why this is the case is because you spend more time in the bedroom then you’re going to spend in any other room, regardless of what you do. You also tend to breathe more deeply in the bedroom and this pulls the allergens into your sinuses, causing further problems.

Believe it or not, the way that we tend to get pollen into the bedroom more often than any other is in our hair. Our hair simply collects pollen during the day and then we breathe it in all night long. That is why it is important for you to wash your hair every night before going to bed. Do you have a dog in the bedroom with you? You might want to rethink that kind of sleeping arrangement. Not only are dog allergies one of the worst for making you snore, dogs also tend to move around a lot during the night which can disrupt your sleep as well.

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