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Histamines – What You Don’t Know Is Making You Snore

Most of us have heard about histamines but did you realize that they are actually a good thing? Unfortunately, we are often given antihistamines because of difficulties that they cause in our body. The fact of the matter is, histamines are released by our body for natural reasons but often they are released in numbers that cause problems for us. One of the problems that they cause is congestion, both in our lungs, throat and nose. This can have a side affect of snoring if we have a difficulty with too many histamines at night.

If you want to see evidence of histamines effect on your body, try being aware of how you feel after you eat or drink something. Often, histamines are released in such a large number because we do not have the proper chemicals to balance out the potassium and some allergens that we are taking and whenever we eat. One of the most powerful, natural anti-histamines is salt. If you find that you’re clearing your throat or if you get the sniffles whenever you eat or drink something, try putting a pinch of salt under your tongue and watch to see what happens. The salt does not cover over the problem of the histamines, such as commercial antihistamines but it balances it out and takes the problem of excess mucus away.

If you have this problem at night, and many of us do, it will cause you to have a stuffy nose and to breathe through your mouth. This is one of the main causes of snoring and can not only be annoying for those that have to listen to it, it may also be at the root of another more serious problem, sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is whenever you stop breathing for periods of time during the night. If someone has told you that they have recognized this sleep pattern in you and you tend to feel tired during the day, you might have this problem.

Being able to balance out the natural histamines in our body is one way that you can fight back against excess mucus and the difficulties that it causes. If you do nothing else, try taking a large pinch of sea salt and chasing it down with a glass of water before you go to sleep at night. It may help to balance out your allergies to the extent that snoring is not such a problem.

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Is Your Hair Making You Snore at Night?

One of the main reasons why we snore at night is because we have a problem with allergies. Most of us realize that we are allergic to something, usually something that is in the air around our home. During the day, we are subjected to various types of allergens that include everything from tree pollen to dog dander. The one place that we don’t want to be subjected to these allergens is whenever we enter into the bedroom. Why is that the case?

Whenever we sleep, we naturally breathe deeper and this can pull any allergens that are in your bedroom more deeply into your sinuses and lungs. Even those of us who have a very light allergy and are able to deal with it without much trouble will recognize that we are more affected during the night than we are during the day. If you find that you are snoring regularly then you might need to do something in order to get these allergens out of your bedroom. Believe it or not, there may be a culprit in this case that you have not considered before.

Our hair works like a magnet for pollen and during the day, all of the pollen that comes into contact with our hair is going to stick in it to a certain extent. If you have long hair, you can be breathing the pollen all through the night directly from your hair but even if your hair is short, it will transfer to the pillow and then right into your lungs. That is why it’s important to make sure that you wash your hair thoroughly every night before going to bed. It may seem like a simple thing but this is certainly something that you should do and can make a large difference in how much you snore.

Other allergens should also be removed from the bedroom in one way or another. Do not put cologne on before going to bed and trying to avoid any type of scented soaps or shampoos. If the dog sleeps in the bedroom with you, make other arrangements so that you are not breathing the dander through the night. Above all, get a high quality air filter for your bedroom so that you are breathing clean air while you are sleeping. By taking these steps and reducing the amount of allergens that are in your bedroom, you will have the best chance to have a snore free night.

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