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Your Body’s Defense Is Causing Your Snore

Even though our bodies are amazing machines which run well for 70 or 80 years, there are times when ever they can cause problems for us. A good example of this is a natural chemical that is released by our body on a regular basis. You are probably familiar with the name histamine although more than likely, you are familiar with it because of a product that helps to cover over it. Believe it or not, histamines are a good thing as long as they are kept in balance. When they are not in balance, it can cause problems in us, such as snoring.

Histamines are released by the body in order to fight off harmful invasions, usually in the form of allergens and potassium. As a matter of fact, we usually feel the effects of the histamine because our nose gets stuffy or we may have additional mucus in our throat and lungs. If the histamine is not kept in check in one way or another, it may cause problems for us that would cause us to snore. How can you tell it have a problem with histamines? Actually, you would probably be surprised with the answer.

Most commonly, our body will release histamines because of the foods and drinks that we ingest. If we take too much potassium into our body, it will naturally release histamine in order to counteract it. That is, unless, we balance it out with the most powerful natural antihistamine available, salt. The next time you are eating and you find that you are clearing your throat or blowing your nose, put a pinch of salt underneath your tongue. If the symptoms go away within just a few moments, you can guarantee that you are dealing with the body’s natural release of histamine.

How can this help you to sleep better and stop snoring? If you know that you are snoring because your body is releasing histamine into your system, you need to counteract it with salt. You also need to make sure that you are drinking enough water so that the salt does not damage you in the process. It may take a little bit of time for you to balance all of this out but my drinking water and taking salt, you may just find that you are getting some quality sleep for the first time in a long time.

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Is Stress Causing Your Snore?

Our bodies are an amazing thing but we always need to be concerned as to whether they are in balance or not. Whenever our bodies get out of balance because of different elements in our life, it can cause a lot of problems for us. One problem that may come about as a result of imbalance is snoring and in order for us to cure this problem, we need to cure the root of the problem, not simply cover it over. What are some different things that can cause us to snore which can be corrected naturally?

There are actually dozens of different things which can cause snoring in us as individuals. Carrying around too much weight on our body, being dehydrated, drinking at night and smoking cigarettes are some examples. Something that shouldn’t be overlooked, however, is the stress that we are going through during the day. This can either be stress that comes about for personal reasons in our life or even as a result of stress that we are feeling at work. Regardless of why it is hitting us, it may create an imbalance in our body which causes us to snore.

Stress is an extremely frustrating thing for us to go through. It can cause us to gain weight and it has a habit of releasing nasty chemicals into our body which cause problems for us whenever we are trying to sleep. Snoring is simply a side effect that we experience as a result of the stress that we feel during the day. If we are able to destress to a certain extent before we go to sleep, we might find that our snoring quiets to a certain extent and that would certainly make it worth the effort.

I find that the hour before going to bed is a very important time of the day to destress and forget about all the worries that you have. Turn off the TV set and be careful not to meditate on anything that is going to cause you to think deeply or stressfully. Listen to some quiet music or perhaps read some poetry in order to help put yourself in the right frame of mind in order to sleep. If all else fails, take a slightly warm bath and drink some warm milk. This will help to release natural chemicals in your body which will help you to get a good nights sleep, hopefully one free of snoring.

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