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4 Common Allergies That Make You Snore

Do you have a problem with snoring? You might be surprised to find out that it is coming from a problem with allergies. Even if you do not typically have allergic reactions, they can show up during the night whenever we are breathing more deeply. Here are the four most common allergies that cause snoring problems for us. Getting rid of the source of the problem is typically the best way for you to overcome your snoring problem, once and for all.

Pet Dander – Allergic reactions to pets are far more common than most people think. Even if you do not typically have a difficult time with your animals, deeply breathing at night can cause you to snore as a result of an allergic reaction. Remove the pet from your bedroom and buy an air filter. This will help with snoring problems in most cases.

Pollen – Most people realize that they have some problems with pollen allergies but few of them make that connection between this type of allergen and snoring. During the day, our hair acts as a magnet for this type of pollen and if we don’t wash our hair before bedtime, it can be transferred to the pillow. This can make for a very difficult night of sleep as we breathe the pollen in from the pillow slip.

Creams – Many of us apply creams and lotions before going to bed in order to help with our skin. If we are doing this on our own skin or if somebody that we sleep with is doing this, it may cause an allergic reaction. The easiest way for you to test for this type of allergic reaction is to remove it for a night or two and see if the snoring ceases.

Detergents – You might think that you are doing yourself a large favor by keeping your sheets cleaned regularly but if you are allergic to the detergent, it can cause a lot of problems. Try switching to a hypoallergenic detergent that is also for sensitive skin. You might be surprised to find out that the problem disappears soon after the switch is made.

With almost any type of allergy, it is a good idea for you to run a high quality air filter in your bedroom. After just one or two nights of running this filter, you should begin to notice a difference in the way that you sleep and how good you feel when you wake up.

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Hidden Allergies That Cause You to Snore

Snoring can be a rather difficult thing to put up with, regardless of the fact if you are the person that is snoring or if you are someone that has to listen to it. Did you realize, however, that snoring can go much further than being a simple annoyance? There are certain types of snoring, such as sleep apnea, which can cause a medical condition that actually brings on death in some instances. That is why it is important for you to identify any hidden allergies that would cause you to snore. Not only will it help to keep away more serious problems such as sleep apnea, it will help you and the people that you care about get a good night’s sleep.

The most important place for you to begin looking for these hidden allergies is the place where you sleep. The reason why this is the case is because whenever we sleep, we tend to breathe much deeper and this pulls the allergens further into our nasal passages and lungs. It is also important for you to look for allergies and places outside of the sleeping area but to begin with, you should confine them to the area in which you sleep.

The most common of these hidden allergies is allergies to pet dander. There’s no doubt about the fact that if we have a dog or a cat, we love them very much. That doesn’t stop us from having an allergy to them, however, even if it’s one that we don’t recognize it first. Having a dog or cat in your bedroom at night is going to expose you to that dander while you’re sleeping. If you want to get a good nights sleep and perhaps cut back on your snoring, ban your pet from the bedroom. They will be just as comfortable sleeping somewhere else and you will be much more comfortable if you can get a good night sleep without snoring.

Another type of hidden allergy that causes snoring is pollen that is collected in your hair during the day. Believe it or not, an incredible amount of this pollen can accumulate in your hair during a day’s time so it is important that you wash your hair thoroughly before going to bed. If you don’t wash your hair, you are going to transfer the pollen from your hair to the pillow and then breathe the pollen directly off of the pillow. Take the time to wash before going to bed and you may be able to reduce your snoring considerably.

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Stop Snoring by Fixing Food Allergies

Allergies are one of the biggest problems that we have which cause snoring. Although carrying around excess weight and drinking alcohol also are two of the big problems which make us more, you would be surprised with how many times the snoring originates with allergies. When most of us think about these allergies, we tend to think about things that we breathe in through our nose during the day. Yes, these do make a difference in our lives but you cannot overlook the food allergies that you have as well.

Almost everybody has food allergies, at least to a certain extent. I know people who have food allergies to shellfish and nuts that are so serious that even taking one bite could kill them. How do they react to the problems with food allergies that they have? Their throat closes up and they have asthma like symptoms. They also tend to swell in various parts of their body. Even though most of us do not have food allergies to this extent, we may have them to the extent that they are causing us a lot of harm and making us snore.

The next time you go out to eat, make sure you are aware of the way that you feel. You may also be allergic to a lot of the foods that you eat at home without realizing it. Did you ever notice that your nose tends to run whenever you eat or perhaps that you have to clear your throat after eating? Most of us consider this to be perfectly normal behavior but believe it or not, it actually is because we are dealing with a food allergy. If you don’t believe me, try this simple test. The next time you have a difficult time and need to clear your throat after eating, stick a large pinch of salt under your tongue and chase it down with a glass of water. If the desire to clear your throat goes away after just a few moments, you have a food allergy.

Identifying and overcoming food allergies can really help us to overcome our snoring as well. Since these allergies tend to create mucus in our body and close our throat, it is easy to see why they would also cause us to snore. If you are unable to avoid the foods that you are allergic to all together, try taking some salt and water before going to bed. You might just find that you are snoring less with such a simple remedy.

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