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A Couple Of Easy Snoring Remedies

A Couple Of Easy Snoring Remedies

Snoring is a condition that many people suffer from and need snoring remedies for. There are many reasons why people suffer from this and what causes it. Additionally there are also a number of snoring remedies available for you to try.

The first thing to know is what causes snoring. It is caused by the narrowing of the airways due to a number of reasons. Age is one of the most common causes of this as the throat becomes narrower when you age. People who have sinus and nasal issues may also suffer from this. Other things like weight, alcohol, smoking and medication can also cause this.

As there are many causes for this problem, knowing what causes it for you is very important. The way you snore will actually tell you a bit about the cause. If your mouth is closed then you may have problems relating to the tongue while an open mouth indicates issues with the tissue in the throat. When you snore in certain positions only then that may be the problem. However if you snore all the time then there may be something bigger behind it.

There are some exercises that people do in order to get their snoring under control. Throat exercises in particular are used for people will mild cases. Pronouncing vowels has been shown in many studies to help. Repeat the vowels out loud around 3 minutes through the day. Also put the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth. Then slide the tongue back for 3 minutes. Increase the number of sets you do every day to improve.

One thing that many people use is the tennis ball trick. Of course it should be noted that this works best for people who snore when lying on their backs. This remedy uses a tennis ball attached to the back of sleeping garments. It causes the person to turn onto their side when sleeping thereby stopping the snoring.

There are many snoring remedies out there. All you need to do is find out which of those snoring remedies will work best for you.

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