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Sinusitis and Snoring – Getting to the Root of the Problem

If you have a difficult time with snoring, you may not realize that sinusitis can be one of the main causes of it. Snoring is very rarely a nasal problem and often, it is a problem with our throat in which the muscles relax and constrict our airways. If we breathe through our mouth during the night, however, this can make our snoring much worse and can even be at the root of more serious problems, such as sleep apnea. What is it that would cause us to breathe through our mouth whenever we typically breathe through our nose all day long?

Simply put, stuffy sinuses are what causes us to breathe our mouth and while we are sleeping, we tend to take the course of least resistance. If we have a difficult time with our sinuses, or with sinusitis, it may cause us to store quite loudly. In order for us to overcome the problem in this particular case, we need to get to the root of it and not simply trying to get rid of the symptoms. By clearing up our sinusitis or any other sinus problems that we may be having, we will naturally breathe through our nose while we are sleeping which will silence our snoring to a large degree.

People have sinusitis for different reasons but one thing that you don’t want to overlook is the possibility of allergies causing problems for you. There are allergens in the air all around us and these can be especially a problem whenever we are sleeping. Because we tend to breathe more deeply whenever we are sleeping, the pollen can be forced into our sinuses and even taken in deeper than it would during the day. Having pollen in our hair or dog dander in our bedroom is going to cause a lot of problems for us so it is best if we do everything possible to get rid of these allergens from the bedroom environment.

There are plenty of natural cures for sinusitis and one of them is sure to alleviate the problem, at least to a certain extent. Once you are able to breathe through your nose easily while you’re sleeping, your snoring will naturally become less of a problem. With just a little bit of help from a jaw brace or perhaps some nasal strips, you may be able to overcome your snoring altogether at that point.

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